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The Choice is Yours


by: Stone on Monday, August 18th, 2014
The choice was once yours before, and with your choice, we now have our Fusion set!

"The Choice is Yours!" Artifact

Now you can have a choice again! Everyone who opens a SynamicD Fusion Case by 8/20/2014 will get a "The Choice is Yours!" Artifact.
This artifact is a 9/K Cost Damage special that lets you pick which effect you want when your move connects. Your choices are:

You draw a page
You gain 1 Attitude
You gain a 6% pin bonus
Your opponent buries a page
Your opponent loses 2 Attitude
Your opponent gets a 6% pin penalty
Your move does +2 damage
Your move does 4 Head damage
Your move does 4 Arm damage
Your move does 4 Back damage
Your move does 4 Leg damage

SynamicD Rebirth Bags

From 8/18 to 8/25 2014, Opening a Rebirth bag will give you 3 Fusion boosters!

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