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Synamic League + Title Events

by: UltimateRipper on Sunday, October 12th, 2014
If you've watched this week's Synamic Fix you know that Season 1 of Synamic League will be starting next Saturday, October 18th. The Synamic League will be an actual match type within the client, and you will be allowed to play up to 5 League matches a week.*

For each league win you capture, you will earn 300 EP, and 100 EP for each draw. There will be additional prizes up for grabs throughout the league season, and awards given at the end of the season for the players who end up on top in following categories:

Most damage dealt
Most finishers hit
Most momentum in a win
Most submission victories
Longest win streak

There will be no specific times that you have to play these league games, just log on find an opponent, and select the league match type. We hope to see you in the action next Saturday!

*You may only play the same league opponent one time in any league week, which starts on Saturdays, and may only play the same opponent twice per season.

SynamicD Title Tournament Update
Previous to tonight, a player who won or defended an official SynamicD Title during the tournament for that title was being awarded with 300 EP for the win/defense, with exception to the World Title which had an 800 EP award. However, starting tonight, Sunday October 12th the title match EP prize will be 1000 EP for a weekly title tournament title match victory, and 2000 EP to the winner of the monthly World Title Tournament's title match.

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