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SynamicD Christmas Event 2014

Starting Wednesday December 24th at 12:00 AM ST.

by: UltimateRipper on Monday, December 22nd, 2014
SynamicD wishes everyone Happy Holidays!

On Christmas Eve (12:00AM ST on December 24th to 12:00AM ST December 27th), Christmas Boosters will be available in the store and Christmas Presents may be randomly drawn to your hand during ranked games.

- Every Christmas Booster Box will contain a "Santa" promotional page and is guaranteed 2 Christmas Presents.
- Christmas Boosters will have an additional draw at a R/VR/Artifact, and for each of the 4 Christmas Presents, there's a 10% chance you will draw one.

Christmas Presents:

When you open a Christmas Present, you have the possibility of finding:

-3% Santa Artifact

-5% Booster Prize [2.5% Christmas Booster Box / 5% Hall of Fame Booster / 95% Christmas Booster]

-6% Another Present [If you find it in a game, you can convert it to a trade-able one like this.]

-16% Page Draw [Random draw from something that isn't Limited Edition, HOF, or a Booster.]

-70% Random EP Prize

Note: Christmas Gifts can only be opened up until 12:00 ST on January 1, 2015.

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