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24 Hour Halloween Event on 10/31/2014

Halloween Boosters/Boxes Up For Grabs!

by: Stone on Saturday, October 25th, 2014
On Thursday, October 31st at 12 AM Server Time a 24-Hour Halloween Event will start.

This event is 100% automated, and all you have to do, is play ranked matches to participate! To start the event a "Mystery Card" will be chosen, this page will remain a secret until a player actually uses the page in a ranked game. When this happens, the player who played the mystery page will win a Halloween Booster*, and a new Mystery Card will be chosen. A mystery card will only remain in play for 20 minutes, and only only the first person who plays this mystery card will win the prize for that particular card. When a player plays the mystery card, or the 20-minute time period ends, a global message will go out to all players on server, revealing what the mystery card was, and will also contain a "Mystery Word". These mystery words will be part of 3 "Mystery Phrases", in which every player will have 10 shots to correctly guess one of them on the SynamicD website. The first players to correctly guess each phrase, will win a Halloween Booster Box*.

Guess the phrase here

*Halloween Boosters will contain a mixture of pages from all sets(Currently 1st Edition, Implosion, and Fusion). These boosters will also have 1 extra draw at a Rare/Very Rare/Artifact Page, and each one will contain a Halloween Synamic Darkness Promo! These boosters will also be available in the store for regular booster/booster box prices all day long!

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