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SynamicD Presents: Night of Champions WTT

September 21st, 2014 3:30 PM Signups

by: UltimateRipper on Friday, September 12th, 2014
On September 21st, 2014 at 3:30 PM ST, signups will open to all for the Night of Champions World Title Tournament. This will be a Named, Single Elimination tournament, with the winner earning a shot against our SynamicD World Champion, Locke.

After the Single Elimination Tournament, and before the World Title Match, every other SynamicD Title will be on the line. The choice was yours to pick how these title matches should be selected, and the result was a runaway:

Option 1) We spin the wheel and a challenger is selected randomly for every title outside of the World Title.(You are removed from wheel if you get a title match - 28 People (Winner)

2) We postpone the title matches from the tournaments the week leading up to Night of Champions. - 1 Person

3) Over the next 2 Saturdays (9/13 and 9/20) we run Qualifiers for the following title matches: Cruiserweight, United States, Hardcore, and Cruiserweight, with only Internet Title shot selected by the wheel. - 8 People

Internet Title Match - TBD vs TBD
Hardcore Title Match - TBD vs TBD
Cruiserweight Title Match - TBD vs TBD
United States Title Match - TBD vs TBD
Intercontinental Title Match - TBD vs TBD
World Title Match - TBD vs Locke (champion)

Good luck to all in next weeks tournaments earning a title(a place in the NoC card), and we hope to see everyone sign up for the World Title Tournament which will be open to all!

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