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24 Hour Thanksgiving Event

by: Javy Dreamer on Wednesday, November 26th, 2014
On November 27th, starting at 12:00 AM ST (EST), The SynamicD community will have an opportunity to go turkey hunting for boosters!
That's right... I said turkey hunting! Meet the SynamicD Thanksgiving turkey team, and the SynamicD Thanksgiving Booster!

Throughout Thanksgiving, Turkeys can be found in Thanksgiving Boosters, and they may be randomly drawn into your hand during ranked games.
When you open Thanksgiving boosters, which will be available in the store all day long, there will be a 1% chance of a Golden Turkey, or 15% that you'll draw 1 of the regular turkeys.

Thanksgiving Booster Boxes will include 2 random turkeys and a guaranteed Thanksgiving Artifact!

Don't miss out on the chance to gain some free boosters by:
  1. Replying to our Synamic Fix latest video with your own Thanksgiving video to our community.
  2. Posting the video on Twitter with the #SynamicD hash tag.

These Turkeys will be regular special pages that can be played in a game. Playing a turkey will be considered a successful hunt, and record the turkey as captured. When this happens, the capture will be announced globally in the SynamicD lobby. For every 4 regular turkeys captured, the player who captured them will win a Thanksgiving Booster. If a Golden Turkey is captured, the player who captured it will win a Thanksgiving Booster Box. Turkeys found in boosters can only be captured by placing them in your deck, and playing them in a game. Once a turkey owned by a player is captured they will no longer be available in the player's playbook. These turkeys will be trade-able during the course of the event, so you can hunt with your friends and trade to help each other get as many boosters are you can, but any remaining turkeys after 12:00 AM on the 28th will be fly away from your page stash! (Yeah, our turkeys can fly).

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